About Us

RFS Group has over 25 year’s of experience in sales of janitorial
and cleaning supplies and services, along with business management.

RFS janitorial services are unique due to our depth of understanding
of customers’ individual needs, and the depth of experience upon which
we have built best practices.

At RFS we specialize in providing the highest quality janitorial supplies to meet our customer’s demanding needs. We’ve built our success by combining our extensive experience with careful analysis of our customer’s
Facility to provide just the right solution.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning
Every year over 6 billion pounds of chemicals, most made from non-renewable petroleum-based resources, are consumed by the cleaning industry. Over 500 million pounds of janitorial equipment is discarded – enough to fill 10,000 garbage trucks. We use 4.5 billion pounds of janitorial paper, the majority made from virgin tree pulp. The impact of
the cleaning industry on the environment is tremendous.